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Nerd Reading GALORE now available in the VitaKea store! 📚
Our first shipment of good reads is now up and available online in the VitaKea store! A stack of books all along the lines of biohacking, nootropics, longitivity and all that fun stuff we're all about. 

Bacopa Monnieri: About the OG of Nootropic Herbs
Bacopa has been a real staple herb in the my personal nootropics practices, and is easily amongst the most popular nootropic herbs to exist. And for good reason, the research is in good support.To name a few, Bacopa monnieri supplements have been shown feature anti-oxidant, serotonergic, and also cholinergic mechanisms. And so well past due, its is time dive into these mechanisms!
Bringing Home the Head Honcho Rhodiola Rosea Supplement.

The hunt for a good Rhodiola Rosea supplement has been a long one, but in bringing home the Head Honcho blend it certainly feels to be a success! Ever since HVMN Rise was reformulated, excluding the Rhodiola that we loved so much, a gaping hole was left. It's been over a year, but now I can confidently say we don't just have a replacement, but an improvement.

Running the Blood Tests with the KE4 Ketone Ester by KetoneAid! 💉
With the KE4 Ketone Ester freshly in stock - you know what had to be done! Sink it and watch those ketones climb! 
L-DOPA: Episode 1 of the our Ingredient Insights Series!

In the first instalment of Ingredient Insights I dive deep into L-Dopa! Covering what it is, why it's used, metabolic pathways, some of the challenges getting L-Dopa from mouth to brain and a whole bunch of other interesting factors in the world of L-Dopa. Check it out and get your day's nootropics learning in!

Is “Own The Day, Own Your Life” a Good Read for YOU?
When I found Aubrey Marcus, the Founder of Onnit, had written a book personal optimisation, it was a sure book to read & review. Presenting a full biohack/lifehack journey on waking, working, learning, eating, training, playing, sleeping, and sex. This was value packed read for me, but is it one for YOU? Find out now!
The Neuron: An Introduction
As the first of the Neuron series and fresh-face-friendly introducer, this article will guide you through the principle function of a neuron, overview the key components that make a neuron, and the process by how it operates.
A Look at the Stanford ŌURA Ring Sleep Study.

A breakdown of Stanford’s study article: "Comparison of the ŌURA Sleep Tracker Against Polysomnography". Hopefully this can share some valuable third party insight into the ŌURA, as well as introduce the approach and some challenges of clinical trials. 

Sleep well with Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile is a herb has very successfully ingrained itself into modern culture. Any one evening you might have your nana, a fitspo instagram model, and classical business-business-business dudes sipping away on their respective chamomile brews before bed. It’s certainly popular, but will chamomile tea actually help you sleep better?

What is ATP all about?
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production is one of the favourite conversations floating around the biohacking and fitness community of late. And fair enough! Its key to all processes of living, and will effect everyone in everything you do. So with this in mind, I reckon some real value could be found in having some understanding on what’s going on at the base level!
Eat-Weird: 10min Mushie Chocolate (Keto + Vegan)
Check out the post for your full, informative guide to making your very own mushroom-laden chocolate - with only 10 minutes of effort! Vegan, Vegetarian & Keto friendly!
What are Nootropics?
Never heard of nootropic supplements? Check out the post to get some understanding of what they are and how the term is used in the industry today.
Introducing the VitaKea Blogs

Have a gander to check out what to expect from the blog, and drop your thoughts on what products you want available!