Introducing the VitaKea Blogs

I’m super stoked to present VitaKea’s very first blog post! *crowd cheering*
In this post I’ll give you a brief overview of what sort of content you can expect to see here, as well as opening up some questions on what you guys would like to see from VitaKea. So lets get stuck in!

What you can look forward to

The weird and the wonderful. This space will be a host of all informal chat on the topics of health and performance practices, lifestyle and nootropic supplementation, quantified self practices, personal experiments and experiences! As you may have picked up, the tone of the content will be fairly casual and informal. There may be times where we perform an in-depth analysis on a topic, in which we will provide references for your personal validation and research. Where there are no references available, you should definitely treat the information as an anecdotal account. You can expect most of the posts to be written by yours truly, your pal, your guy, me - Thomas. But don’t despair! We’ll definitely be looking to get some guest posts every now and then to diversify the ideas and perspectives presented.

We’re here to serve you - so lets avoid making assumptions

We would love to hear from you guys on what you would like to see from VitaKea, so I’ve opened up a few prompts for you to consider.
All feedback is welcome! You can just drop a comment below, use our requests page, or direct message us via any of our socials. If your really keen, we can also arrange a face-to-face (probably virtually) or a phone call.

Q1: What nootropic and performance supplements would you like to see in our store?

Q2: What questions or concerns do you have regarding nootropic supplementation?

Q3: We’re eyeing up the HVMN Ketone for the future, would you guys be interested?

UPDATE: 23/07/2019 - The people have spoken! Due to significant demand (with great enthusiasm), VitaKea is now stocking the HVMN Ketone. Check it out here.

UPDATE: 05/12/2019 - Wow... what a journey it's been! Just wanted to remind you that we still care just as much about hearing what you have to say on Q1 and Q2. Flick me a message - you never know what I might be able to rustle up for you!

Thanks for having a geez! I’m frothing at the mouth just thinking about all the juicy content to come - and sharing this experience with you guys!