Running the Blood Tests with the KE4 Ketone Ester by KetoneAid! 💉

With the KE4 Ketone Ester freshly in stock - you know what had to be done! Sink it and watch those ketones climb! 🚀

Summary of the Test

It was about this time last year that we brought on the HVMN Ketone Ester - and boy has it been popular! And in doing the due diligence, I ran the same blood tests I have now - reaching an impressive 3.1mmol/L from a bottle. 👌🏻

But as some you may know, the HVMN Ketone has been short in supply these days, it was decidedly time to branch out and get the ONLY other ketone ester available on the market (I'm pretty sure 😂). So now we stock both! You can pick and choose to preference, each has their own pros and cons and I'll leave you to weigh them up. Both are excellent products for sure and a testament to two great companies.✌🏻

And the results of today's test? The KE4 KetoneAid Ketone Ester had me up at 4.1mmol/L just 40mins after drinking it! 😍 Honestly I was blown away by it, there's definitely a bunch of variables to consider compared to my last test with the HVMN Ketone, and it packs and extra 20% more ketone ester per bottle (5g) (same price though!) so it was partially to be expected... but this was a really impressive step above even what I would expect from that. 💯

So I'll leave it there - awesome product and very glad Frank from KetoneAid reached out. 🙏🏻 I was fairly stand-offish when first encountering KetoneAid, but now I can confidently recommend them - very excited to see how New Zealand enjoys it.(first order went out today!) 📬 Also really value the educational content Frank and the team has put out too, no keto weight loss lies, back to the science. 🔬

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions at all about the esters, how to get blood testing kits or anything at all! 🤓🤙🏻

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Any questions, thoughts, critique?

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supplementation varies as I test out new protocols. That considered, I prioritise anything that can be utilised for long-term benefits. Of course, for special cases I can definitely appreciate a good stimulant, or perspective modifier.


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