Azoth 2.0: The Total Nootropic (Full Review)

Azoth has been a big player in the nootropics industry this year, and you’ve probably seen it in a front row seat of the VitaKea store. It’s been really impressive how much interest this one supplement gets, but perhaps that’s for good reason.

We’ve shared our thoughts through the VitaKea socials, and countless emails. But now its time to share our official experience review, with all our thoughts, good and bad, in one place.
I hope you can enjoy the read, learn from it, and even find opportunities to be challenge us!

Product Overview

Price:    $89.00 NZD 
Servings:  60 capsules / 30 serves
Price per serving:  $2.97 NZD


  • Ashwagandha Extract (4:1) – 250mg;

  • L-Tyrosine – 250mg,

  • Phosphatidylserine (20%) – 250mg,

  • Sulbutiamine – 200mg,

  • Alpha GPC (50%) –150mg,

  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract (Std. to 20% bacosides) – 150mg,

  • Teacrine© – 50mg,

  • Bioperine© –5mg,

  • Huperzine A – 50mcg.                   



    The Claims

    “AZOTH 2.0 is a blend of 9 all-natural herbal nootropic (brain-boosting) ingredients combined to help you reach peak levels of productivity. AZOTH 2.0 is designed to sharpen focus, enhance memory, elevate mood, boost motivation, increase your energy levels, and decrease rises in mental fatigue and stress.”
                                            - From

    Quick Commentary:

    First of all, great to see supplement appropriate wording.

    The phrasing “…is designed to…” does mean that Azoth aren’t guaranteeing any of the benefits described, but rather the target they were shooting for. And neither should they considering how supplements are classified! But given that this is their criteria for success, so it will be incorporated into the below judgement also.

    How well has Azoth fulfilled on this mission? Read on to see what yours truly, the Kea Crew and some of our customers thought of it.

    A KeaLad Experience Review:

    Lets not tease it out… for me, Azoth followed through. But like anything, its not perfect.

    Being already familiar with the individual ingredients of Azoth, I began trailing with two capsules. Looking over the ingredient profile, I knew this wasn’t going to be a ravers-euphoric or stimulation-junkies rollercoaster. But honestly, I did underestimate the acute effects that Azoth was about to provide. That’s actually one thing I love about testing these supplements, it never goes quite as expected.

    Days 1 & 2

    These days were a very pleasant surprise. 
    As expected, there was no sudden rush, nor uncontrollable grinning that some euphoric stacks cause. This was quite appreciated, because while those effects can be fun, they are usually unsustainable for long-term performance. 

    This said, there was certainly plenty going on from Azoth’s end. It could best be described as a calm, clear and sustained mind effect. This leaned well into focused work once it was already underway, but shouldn’t be confused with the coffee effect that provides the quick dopamine dump that makes starting the work easier.

    At this point, I’d say better focus, moderated mood (not necessarily elevated, but less volatile) and certainly less stress.

    Day 3 to 5

    Day three to five really kicked it up a gear.
    Drive” was now the name of the game. Going beyond just feeling motivated to tackle the work, but also feeling supported to push through the execution… all day long. If you’ve ever listened to Azoth’s offshoot podcast “The Enlightened Millennial” – that is what it felt like. As if Prady’s passionate preaching had all been concentrated and encapsulated to make Azoth. Now this sort of mentality is not unfamiliar to me, and I do believe it is something that you foster with discipline and practice. But Azoth allowed it to come so much easier and in a more sustainable manner. As if it were donating the first third of the self-control needed to make the right choices.

    Azoth was still ramping up between days 3 to 5. The calm and focus components felt in the first couple of days were still there, but now paired with a powerful feeling of motivation and reduced fatigue.

    Day 6 to 14

    I followed through on supplementing Azoth at two capsules a day to a total of two weeks. Every day of the second week felt pretty much like day five had, with perhaps just a minor taper off. I expect that effect may have been from adapting to the Huperzine A in the stack, or could have been signalling that some rest was required. These two weeks of Azoth trials were so action packed I’d barely had time for a breather.

    All in all, the two weeks of Azoth trailing was a great success. Easily ticking the boxes of improved focus, working memory, mood, and reduced stress. Motivation was still the most notable factor, feeling simply endless. One aspect I would pick at was energy. This felt like more of a bi-product of motivation and mood rather than stimulated energy of itself. I believe “reduced fatigue” would be more appropriate wording. That said, I very much prefer that approach toward energy, being more self driven and less trampolining up and down. However, if you are looking for a more stimulated energy (perhaps to compensate for poor sleep) you might want to have a coffee with it.

    Cycling Off

    At the end of the two weeks, I took a four-day break to see how cycling off felt. Pleasingly, this was a gentle decent back to baseline. The loss of acute effects of the Azoth was certainly noticeable, but otherwise no negative impacts were felt. I do believe the break was very valuable to prevent body adaptation and compensation, which may occur with some ingredients.

    Experimenting Since

    Since then, I have dosed Azoth predominantly on a single week basis, and occasionally experimenting with three, or even four capsules in a day. As you would expect with Azoth’s ingredients, effects were recognisably dose dependant and did provide added benefit.
    Three capsules made for a fairly powerful day, and four taking the phrase “a flood of ideas” very seriously. Possibly to an extent that was barely bearable for normal social interaction, giving a feeling as if two steps in front of the conversation. Four capsules did also come with some fatigue the next day.

    Experimenting with these higher dosages did confirm one rumour that has been floating around: Dosing above two capsules is a risky game with the gut.
    More than two capsules often unsettled my gut and led to abnormal bowel movements. Four capsules was certainly trade-off every time. With this in mind, I do not recommend more than two capsules for anyone new to Azoth. If you do want to push it up, do so with care and choose your situations wisely.


    There were also days with Azoth where it hasn’t been so noticeable. Variability in effect is always the challenge with supplementation, but thankfully with Azoth these days were the exception, not the rule. Factors like poor diet and sleep certainly affected the experience. For sure, taking Azoth will not mitigate the food-coma of a carb heavy lunch nor a bad caffeine crash. Hell, I don’t know a supplement that truly does. If you’re feeling especially rough, Azoth will likely help, but it doesn’t defy physics or deviate from the impacts of real life.

    Talking to others:

    Talking to others, my personal experience seems to fall under a strong responder category. This is no surprise to me as this is fairly typical. In fact, that’s probably the big reason I’m so enthusiastic about nootropics.
    This is why we always like to check in on the VitaKea customers and other experienced supplement users. Below is a summary of the feedback from others:

    • Increased motivation and decreased fatigue throughout the day are the biggest qualities, focus coming close behind.

    • Less comment on working memory, and most don’t regard it to be energising in a stimulatory sense.

    • For some, it has taken multiple days to really feel the effects of Azoth.

    • Takes edge the edge off feeling rough due to hangover or lack of sleep, but doesn’t completely compensate.

    • No one has reported crashes later in the day, but some have found some additional brain-fog after stopping supplementation.

    • The bottle is about 2x larger than it needs to be, which seems wasteful (and the Kea Crew agree).

    As you can see, there is some deviation in experience from my own, but the general theme is sticking strong.


    VitaKea Recommendation for Usage

    Hopefully you can tell by now, Azoth is a supplement that we recommend trying out. Heck, it would be an issue if we didn’t, considering we sell it in our store! The crew at VitaKea view Azoth as a great starting point for those new to nootropics, or for experienced users looking for an all-round support.

    Our standard use of Azoth:

    2 Capsules around 10 AM with a fatty breakfast for one to two weeks at a time. Then taking multiple days cycled off to reset back to baseline. Pairing with stimulants (eg. Tea’s, Coffee, Mental Jewels) when its time to really crank it up.

    Other recommendations:

    • If you are don’t have experience with the ingredients contained, try starting on just one capsule to check for any intolerance. Once you are comfortable that Azoth doesn’t create issues for you, then move on to two caps per day. Test higher doses with care.

    • Owing to the epic ramp up function over multiple days, ideal use is supplementing with Azoth for multiple days in a row, not on a one-off basis.

    • Cycle it on and off. Take a break at least once every four weeks. This stance on this comes down to the golden rule of supplements – cycle everything. It’s about giving the body periods with, and without the supplement so that we ensure unwanted adaptation doesn’t occur that may lessen the supplement’s benefits.


    Check out Azoth in the VitaKea store – and to support your own experimentation with AZOTH you can use the code: “I-DO-MY-READING” to get $15 off your first order!

    Otherwise, be sure to check out the company itself over at to learn more, and enjoy some of Azoth’s promotional hype just below.


    VitaKea Founder & Caretaker

    Key players in my current health regime include meditation, regular exercise (type depending on current fixation), early to bed, early to rise, packing in as many fungi & leafy greens as possible.
    supplementation varies as I test out new protocols. That considered, I prioritise anything that can be utilised for long-term benefits. Of course, for special cases I can definitely appreciate a good stimulant, or perspective modifier.

    I am not an unbiased source and it is in my financial interest to promote the use of Azoth.


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