Credit/Debit Card Processing

Our usual provider of debit/credit card processing is non-operational right now. We are in the process of re-establishing the service with WindCave as our new provider, it will be up and going soon! If you have any concerns or queries, don't hesitate to shoot a message over from the contact page. We should get back within a few hours.  

In the mean-time, PayPal is still available to process card transactions, as is AfterPay for delayed payment options. 

For Checkout with PayPal Card Processing:

(No PayPal Account is required)
1. Enter Contact and Shipping details as per usual.
    2. Confirm Shipping and continue onto payment options.
    3. At Payment options, select PayPal.
    4. Confirm Billing address then continue to complete order. 
    This will take you to PayPal for their secure payment processing.
    5. Within the PayPal menu, you can then chose to log in to your usual PayPal account. OR you can purchase using your credit/debit card with no PayPal account required.
    6. If you chose to pay with your card, you can then enter your payment details as per usual. 
    7. Hey Presto! You're Done! We'll then get your order packed snippy fast and out to PostHaste Couriers for delivery. :) Enjoy your supps, and thank you for your understanding while we transfer onto WindCave for payment processing!
    Cheers (sincerely),                                                      
    Thomas - VitaKea Caretaker. :)