Sustainable Practice

We hope that this is clear in our actions, but sustainability is a lot more than lip service for us.

In the eyes of our team members, supporting and engaging in sustainable practices is the minimal acceptable life practice when planning for a positive future. As such, it is by necessity that these considerations will translate across to VitaKea's business practices.

The requirement for sustainable considerations also overlap across all three of the VitaKea Tenets. Supporting a positive future for the people, acknowledging and pursuing the scientific evidence, and caring for our environment.

Q: What exactly do we see is valuable about sustainable practices?
A: Supporting Biodiversity - for the love and respect of natural beauty as well as ensuring eco-system stability.

Diversity is what makes life amazing. Its why creativity so praised, why Wellington fashion is of such interest, and why tourists flock to see our Kiwi bush! Biodiversity is the most "organic" form of this, and the source of inspiration for much more.

There’s also a bit of a respect factor in there. We want to respect what has worked so long to develop, and the intricate processes it took to get there. We acknowledge that as humans we still understand very little of the finer workings of our surroundings, so lets not be so ignorant as to destroy what we don’t understand. Supporting sustainable practice is about preserving the diversity of truly beautiful organic life we have, for us and future generations to appreciate and take advantage of.

Biodiversity is also a critical component of stable ecosystems, and while we often like to pretend humans are separate from nature, we are very much entwined with it. Less stability leads to higher chance of system collapse, which is the massive loss of biodiversity in a short time period. Then the system becomes even less stable. Eventually, mankind would become collateral in these events, which would really prevent us from appreciating life's beauty. So yeah, survival is something we care about too.


Q: What are we doing to support and engage in sustainable practices?
A: Supplier Selection; Recyclable and bio-degradable packaging; Raising community awareness.

We take sustainable practice as an overarching ethos in all operations and business decisions. It flows into all areas of the business, from the selection of which products and suppliers we will support, through to how we package and ship out your orders. At the very core level, we believe every business idea should begin with the consideration of whether or not their benefit to humanity outweighs the negative impacts it has on its environment. This even follows for 100% recyclable or biodegradable products, because everything take energy, which must come from somewhere. Aside from the product, every business has electronic, vehicle, and human dependencies, all of which make an impact in some way or another.

 Supplier Selection

While our suppliers sustainable practices are an important part of our decision to take them on, it should be made clear that not all of our suppliers drive a strong green initiative. We believe much of this is due to lack of consideration rather than being opposed to such practices. We also acknowledge that culturally New Zealand is particularly forward thinking with regard to environmental impacts of actions, and so we must take into account our suppliers context. Rather than fixate on flaws, VitaKea appreciates the real value our suppliers are creating for people, and we will also look to guide them toward more green initiatives.

Our Shipping Packaging

All packaging we provide for shipping is recyclable or bio-degradable.
This includes: Cardboard shipping boxes, Kraft Paper Tape, Shredded Kraft Paper filling, Handmade TradeAid Paper.

 Raising Awareness

We like to think that our fellow members of society aren’t selfish so selfish as to say that a flourishing environment ins’t valuable. Usually the case is that an individual is not aware of the impacts they have, or aware of the options they have. To support the global movement on the whole, we work to increase that awareness. We do so through the influence of our business on others, and through the dispersal of sustainability content that is related to our industry. VitaKea also has blind spots in its practice, and to combat this we seek feedback from people like YOU to raise our awareness, and patch those holes.

We are working towards

  • A complete business carbon emission analysis;

  • Establishing a strategy for carbon offset;

  • Building a charity giveback model to support Kea populations.

Lets hear it from you!

VitaKea follows a continual growth model, but we have to make sure we grow in the right direction.
If you have any sustainability concerns, questions or recommendations regarding our sustainable business practices, drop us a quick note!
We value all feedback and you can be assured every issue will be considered.