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ATP Ener-G

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ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
ATP Ener-G - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand

Support your Energy and ATP synthesis!

What exactly goes into the ATP ENER-G formula?
Primal Herb has chosen each fungi and herbal extract for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.*

CORDYCEPS: For strong ATP and mitochondrial support that gives this formula its primary energy punch. Cordyceps boasts the strongest research for ATP-boosting abilities, so we had to include it as ATP ENER-G’s principal actor.

Prepare for antioxidant protection, increased metabolism, stronger physical performance, and better energy endurance (and less fatigue) than ever before—along with some immune protection and mood-improving qualities to boot. 

SIBERIAN ELEUTHERO: Eleuthero comes in next as ATP ENER-G’s second-in-command re-energizer. While research hasn’t yet established a solid connection between this ginseng-like herb and ATP activation, it nonetheless has a reputation for stellar research on its ability to pull up energy by its bootstraps.

With our inclusion of eleuthero in the mix, energy levels will not only be better, but they’re scientifically proven to last longer with the help of this Asian remedy.  

CISTANCHE: Eleuthero and cordyceps will help pump up physical energy, while cistanche makes sure that mental energy levels are running high as well. If forgetfulness, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and even mood imbalance are all connected to low energy issues, this desert adaptogen can give the body a pick-me-up.

Studies also show that it gets to the heart of energy issues, helping reignite floundering mitochondria and ATP function. 

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Finally, we have the inclusion of green tea extract because of its rich catechin content. Even better, Primal Herb has ensured that the most powerful, well-studied catechin is extracted into the blend for the best energy revitalization of all: epigallocathecin gallate, or EGCg.

This guarantees that the green tea brought into the mix will be chock-full of the very best antioxidants and metabolism-boosters to keep energy high, protect DNA and mitochondria, help reduce free radical damage.
To put an end to feeling like the tank is “always empty.”

ATP ENER-G also includes piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in the rinds of black pepper fruits (or corns). This compound immediately increases the bioavailability of all other powerful plant compounds added to this blend – so you can really feel the difference!*

Review of Supporting Research  

If your curious to learn the background of ATP, you can also check out the VitaKea article "What is ATP all about?"

No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extracts.

Vegan Friendly!

  • Add to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie... or even integrate into some food dishes!
  • ATP Ener-G can be taken day or night – with or without food. :)


Having low energy is one thing. Getting back into an energizing routine—when there’s no energy, to begin with to get the ball rolling again—is another struggle altogether.

We’ve heard it all: just exercise, eat better, work less, play more. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough to get out of the rut we’re in.

Not to mention, we might not have all the above options available to us, either. Some of us are tied to intense 9-to-5 schedules or ambitious agendas that tap us of all our energy. Either way, it’s hard to take the time out for re-energizing self-care.

But with the help of some targeted herbs, taking that first step towards better energy can be much easier and more achievable.


The reasons why we experience low energy can be many. Issues like low immunity, stress or depression, anxiety, and countless other problems all contribute to sluggishness, mental apathy, and brain fog.

But the way we each create, store, and use (or lose) energy is actually the same at the foundations. It doesn’t matter if we’re simply experiencing burnout or struggling with a major imbalance or disease.

What energy usage and storage all comes down to: DNA and mitochondria. Both live in each and every one of our cells, and are instrumental to releasing practically 90% of the energy we release: 15 times more than what is released from blood sugar processing in our blood alone, according to Molecular Biology of the Cell in 2002.

This means that, in addition to a more energetic lifestyle and diet, there is something much deeper down we need to take care of beyond all this—and a whole other level of health we must focus on to get our energy back.


To understand energy and where it comes from, we need a bit of basic science.

First off: mitochondria are basically organelles found within each of our cells. Each of them contain and create DNA. They’re also responsible for a huge portion of energy synthesis through transporting and creating ATP (short for adenosine triphosphate).

It’s through our DNA and ATP that most of our energy is released. And yet, if this microscopic part of our body begins to struggle, low energy can be a problem that follows. And what is the greatest threat to our DNA? Free radical damage—a process resulting from chronic inflammation caused by poor diet, illnesses, and much more.


    Getting energy back can involve managing our illnesses better, and by not letting stress run our lives. Eating antioxidant-rich foods high in vitamin A and C can be a boost too.

    And of course, eating better, cutting out harmful foods and substances, and exercising more are incredibly valuable to sustained, daily energy. No matter your condition, prioritising these should be the first steps. This said, It can be hard. Actually, it can be incredibly hard to get the momentum rolling when you try to change your lifestyles so profoundly.

    That’s why, beyond all this, we can call on extra help from incredibly antioxidant-rich, adaptogenic botanicals if (and when) we find ourselves needing it when our tanks are completely empty.

    Traditional cultures have turned to the use of herbs and fungi to restore low energy due to all sorts of imbalances for thousands of years. Today, science and research support many of these—and Primal Herb has picked the most well-researched, time-tested herbs to put in our own energy-boosting formula.


    Cordyceps is a unique fungus that grows not from the ground, or even from a tree—but from live insects! This has won the mushroom the name “caterpillar fungus.” In Asia, it was revered as a sacred medicine for restoring health, and the strangeness of how it grows certainly shrouded it in mystery.

    Such a reputation has drawn a lot of scientific research to it, exploring what (and how) exactly cordyceps could make people so healthy. As it turns out, its biggest claim to fame is helping bolster the body’s energy stores. No doubt it accomplishes this as an antioxidant adaptogen that acts on metabolism.

    A recent 2012 study found that the polysaccharides from cordyceps mycelium (like that found in our formula) helps reduce the chances of fatigue and raise energy in mice. Another study only 2 years earlier found that older subjects had much better energy levels taking cordyceps than if they had just taken a placebo.

    Perhaps most directly of all, a 2015 research article directly connected cordyceps to increased production of ATP in the body. No matter the cause for low energy, cordyceps is a top choice among all botanicals to cut straight to the core of fatigue and sluggishness issues.


    Among herbs renowned for boosting energy, eleuthero doesn’t trail too far behind the previous. Just like cordyceps, it is also a well-known protective adaptogen that boosts energy, increases endurance, improves physical well-being, and even reduces tiredness.

    For those suffering from low energy resulting from any sort of imbalance or illness, eleuthero can help, especially where work and physical demand is concerned. A 2010 eight-week long study demonstrated that eleuthero could indeed boost energy, improve metabolism, and also helped people sustain energy levels for longer than usual.

    Just like with cordyceps, it is supposed that these effects are due to its very antioxidant, free radical-protectant nature as an adaptogen.


    A lesser-known adaptogen from the Asian continent, cistanche is nevertheless a powerful, provocative herb that has garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years. While it does draw some similarities to eleuthero and cordyceps in terms of energy-boosting, it does seem to have a bit of a different focus: it boosts energy in the mind.

    A very recent 2016 review showed that fatigued mice, with the help of cistanche, could learn quicker, forget less, and navigate much more rapidly through complex issues than those who didn’t take cistanche. Some of these mice even out-performed those that took a pharmaceutical mental energy booster!

    Of note too: cistanche was listed as one of many yang tonic herbs known to enhance mitochondrial ATP energy creation in a 2011 research article. We know that lack of physical energy can really tap us out. But for those of us who can attest to mental fatigue, cistanche may be just the perfect herb for the problem.


    For those hungering for an antioxidant-rich herbal supplement in their lives, green tea has long been a popular standby. There are plentiful studies demonstrating that this beverage—one of the world’s most popular beverages of all time—is a highly protective antioxidant that can also get metabolism running powerfully again.

    Studies have shown that green tea’s catechins (antioxidant phenols) also have stimulating effects on energy in the body. A 2010 review of green tea research found that catechins have a way of revving up metabolism—which doesn’t just increase energy levels, but also encourages the body to lose fat and maintain a normal, healthy weight.


    Primal Herb's ATP ENER-G formula brings the varied powers of energy-boosting, ATP-supporting herbs all together to raise energy levels in one fell swoop.

    About Primal Herb

    Primal Herb is bringing the best of botanical supplements through the meeting of modern science and ancient practices.
    Founded by Sean Landry and Michael Mueller, Primal Herb is on a mission to inspire and provide a natural path to Balance, Restore and Optimize the body. They work toward this through the dispersal of actionable information and their own botanical formulations which are devised from historical learning and the latest scientific studies.

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