KE4 Ketone Ester

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KE4 Ketone Ester
KE4 Ketone Ester
KE4 Ketone Ester
KE4 Ketone Ester
KE4 Ketone Ester
KE4 Ketone Ester


D-beta-hydroxybutyrate/ D 1,3-butanediol Ketone Monoester

Each bottle is technically one serving, but actual users find as little as 10ml per day useful (1/6th of a bottle), all the way up to the full 60ml bottle depending on the use case. (30g of ketone ester*)

Note: Bottles are now plastic, not the aluminium shown. Photos will be updated soon!


Ketone Ester is D- Beta Hydroxybutyrate/ D 1,3 Butanediol Monoester, Water, Allulose (non GMO, Zero Glycemic sweetener), Taurine (0.5g), Organic Stevia, Natural Flavors, Potassium Sorbate (freshness).

Check out what KetoneAid has to say about Ketone here.

Studies using KetoneAid Ketone Esters

"An attenuation of the decline in executive function after exhausting exercise suggests a cognitive benefit after KE ingestion." 
Intermittent Running and Cognitive Performance after Ketone Ester Ingestion. American College of Sports Medicine (November 2018). [Link]

Ketone Salts Vs Ketone Esters

One of the main reasons we elected to get in KetoneAid's Ketone Esters was in appreciation for the abundance of very balanced educational content Frank and the team has put out. If you give the video below a watch you'll see this as Frank clearly outlines the differences between ketone salts and esters, but also making clear what esters can and cannot do. Not over-hyping the very popular weight loss myths, staying realistic and true to the pros and cons.

About KetoneAid Inc.

KetoneAid, Inc. was created to leverage the incredible power of Ketones - The athlete’s perfect fuel. Our parallel path philosophy targets not only the elite professional athlete but the weekend warrior as well. All athletes shall soon be able to safely and cost-effectively enjoy enough ketones necessary to experience for themselves the true power and record breaking potential of ketones.