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Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand
Optimal Immune - The VitaKea Store - Nootropics & Biohacking for New Zealand

Boost & Balance your Immune System with Primal Herb!

What exactly goes into the Optimal Immune formula?
Primal Herb has chosen each fungi and herbal extract for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.*

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Extract: 30% Polysaccharides
This medicinal mushroom, hailing from the boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere, is chosen for this blend – particularly due to its immunomodulating properties, High beta-glucan and Polysaccharide content. It’s well-documented in studies that it may support both underactive immunity and autoimmunity, helping to support a Balanced Immune System.*

Cracked Shell Reishi Spores
You could easily call this worldly mushroom the King of all Immune-Boosting Mushrooms. The most thoroughly studied for its Adaptogenic and Immune-Modulating qualities, it contains both Beta-Glucans and Polysaccharides that help modulate low immunity and autoimmunity.*

Turkey Tail (Coriolus Versicolor) Extract: 30% Polysaccharides
A pretty multicolored mushroom reminiscent of a turkey, its health benefits are definitely nothing to gobble at. Its traditional uses for fighting colds and illness are translated today into research-supported immune powers: enhancing and balancing the immune system, combating viruses, restoring energy, and banishing fatigue in the face of immune issues.* 

Maitake (Grifola Frandosa) Extract: 30% Polysaccharides
Ever heard of maitake mushrooms? Also called hen-of-the-woods, they have amazing amounts of Beta-Glucans, which are beneficial to both an Overactive or Underactive Immune system.*

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root Extract (20:1)
This herbal root is a long-hailed Ayurvedic tonic of India. Used as a nutritious food and tonic, it may have adaptogenic properties that both protect and enhance an overactive or underactive immune system. Further, Ashwagandha is an effective antioxidant, nutrient-rich, well-studied, and widely known for its ability to help restore and improve energy.*

Astragalus (Astragalus Membranaceus) Extract: 30% Polysaccharides
Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for helping support against colds, flu, and more. According to studies, the plant may help stimulate white blood cells, antibodies, and even interferons, all of which readily combat illnesses and viruses.*

Burdock (Arctium Lappa) Root Extract (20:1)
In many parts of the world, burdock root has been consumed as both a food and for helping restore strength, cleansing the liver, and improving overall health.* Some preliminary studies reveal that this perceived effect of the root on health may be because it boosts immunity. The root has also been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-lowering effects, yet more properties that could be related to immune protection.*

Review of Supporting Research

Optimal Immune also includes the addition of piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in black pepper. It immediately increases the bioavailability of the powerful compounds in these mushrooms and herbs so that you can feel the difference!* 

No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extracts.

Vegan Friendly!

  • Add to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie... or even integrate into some food dishes!
  • Optimal Immune can be taken day or night – with or without food. :)


If there was any one thing that could be focused on to improve health in the most far-reaching way, what would it be?

What aspect of health is the best to focus on holistically?

Many will acknowledge that the immune system is one of the most powerful yet overlooked dimensions in the bigger picture of health. And yet, in mainstream health or even at physicals and doctor’s checkups, the immune system is persistently overlooked.

The immune system may be the best target for improving health in the most holistic and effective way possible over the long-term.

“Holistic” refers to a health modality that doesn’t just target single symptoms, problems, or disorders. It also aims at fixing, treating, or supporting the underlying cause, which is sometimes overlooked, deemed unimportant, or is unperceivable to mainstream medicines.

As it turns out, weak immune systems can be the hidden cause for a huge list of health issues.

Even subtle health challenges like weakness, frequent illness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and stress burnout can be due to an imbalanced or weak immune system. Chronic inflammation issues, too, may point to immunity as the culprit.

But even more significantly, various conditions may be linked to weak immunity or inflammation, which is ultimately caused by or connected to problematic immune systems. Autoimmunity is an obvious issue, though people may not realize that allergies, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes may eventually occur due to poor immunity.

Do everything possible to promote balanced immunity and protect overall wellness by choosing Optimal Immune, in addition to following an immunity-supporting diet and lifestyle.


Not many people realize that there is one underlying aspect of health that relates to all of Wellness: The Immune System.

We tend not to draw that important connection between immunity and wellness issues as often as we should, especially in the modern day-to-day. Still, it’s one of the most important aspects that impact our health and plays a bigger role than we think.


It is much like other systems in our body, such as the nervous, cardiovascular, and skeletal systems. It’s made up of our lymphatic systems, white blood cells, leukocytes, even our liver and much more.

Its purpose? To work hard to protect us from illness, weakness, and compromised function. It’s much like a source of reserves in our body – when reserves are strong, we handle health issues much better, and with greater vitality and energy.

However, when it Weakens – or, on the other hand, becomes Overactive – then we start experiencing those ever-so-familiar symptoms of wear, tear, and fatigue.

This is when we need to call on the power of more immune-specific, concentrated herbs, botanicals, and ingredients to get our immune systems back on track.


In a few words: far-reaching, very beneficial effects through all body function.

The Immune System:

  • Helps Fights common illnesses, like colds and flu*
  • Supports the body’s ability to resist more serious diseases*
  • Helps Combat infection (viral, bacterial, and more)*
  • Helps Boosts metabolism*
  • Triggers and promotes fever to fight disease and infection*
  • Improves energy and vitality*
  • Helps Controls inflammation*
  • Maintains optimal blood pressure and cholesterol levels*
  • Helps Reduce autoimmunity (overactive immune system)*


In most cases, your immune system becomes “underactive” in the face of certain unhealthy obstacles. Your reserves start to drain, and your shield weakens and wears thin.

The result: weakness, more colds and illnesses, low energy, and fatigue.

The solution: forming better habits, improving your diet, exercise, and of course... supplementing with immune-specific herbs.


Overactive immunity is the other side of poor immune health, and it is often quite misunderstood. Rather than picturing it as depleted reserves or a shield wearing thin, imagine it more like your trusted bodyguard: someone who is sworn to protect you.

But instead of just protecting you as it should by attacking invaders, it also attacks you and hurts you!

An overactive immune system is not weak, like an underactive one. It is in fact very powerful and healthy, doing what it’s supposed to do – in some ways.

The only fallback: it’s so out of control that it attacks your own healthy tissues too, not just the antigens, infections, and other factors it is designed to.

Overactive immunity is also known as “Autoimmunity,” and there is very little known about what exactly causes it or how it can be remedied. However, there has been extremely positive results from making lifestyle changes such as with foods, stress management, and adaptogenic herbs.*

While some supplements and herbs are known to “rev up” immunity and increase its function to aid with underactive immunity, with a more overactive immune system you’ll need to find supplements that are better at bringing it back to balance – not just magnifying its abilities.*

You don’t want to simply Boost Immunity. You want to Balance It, and that’s where Optimal Immune can be your ally in this approach.

About Primal Herb

Primal Herb is bringing the best of botanical supplements through the meeting of modern science and ancient practices.
Founded by Sean Landry and Michael Mueller, Primal Herb is on a mission to inspire and provide a Botanical path to Balance, Restore and Optimize the body. They work toward this through the dispersal of actionable information and their own botanical formulations which are devised from historical learning and the latest scientific studies.

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