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Own the Day, Own Your Life

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Own the Day, Own Your Life


It all starts with the right plan.
Something backed by science, something battle-tested by peak performers, and something that is accessible and enjoyable for absolutely everyone, no matter who you are. There are over 300 clinical and academic references, and clear actionable steps you can follow to guide you through every part of the day.

This is the instruction manual for the human operating system. This is a process that you can fall back on to lead you to the best version of yourself. Not a single step in this book is out of reach. You don’t need a 30 day plan, or a radical lifestyle change to become who you want to become. You just need one book, and one day. Own the day, Own your Life.


Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a human performance company that he has built into one of the fastest growing companies in America. His philosophy has attracted dozens of elite performers, hundreds of thousands of customers, and millions of fans to Onnit. Marcus lives in Austin, Texas.

A Quick KeaLad Commentary on OTD,OYL

NOTE: Spoilers and chat on detailed content of the book will be kept to a minimum, a book should be your own experience. Oh, and anyone saying you can get all the learning of a book from a bullet point summary is laughable. True learning doesn't come from summaries, it comes from experiencing all the ups, downs and plateaus of the journey. 

First of all, before we get in too deep here - for a real good review and walk through on if the book is a good one for you, check out the full article I've whipped up at:

Is “Own The Day, Own Your Life” a Good Read for YOU?

But to continue on in a bit more of a review sense, read on here!

First of all, OTD, OYL (Own The Day, Own Your Life) is a read with many merits, and I do recommend it to most folk. It was good enough that I've read it cover to cover twice myself, as well as listened to the auidobook. I'll likely read it again too.

It delivers really strong value in covering a wide variety of tips and tricks to improve your daily living, and is a fantastic way to get a new perspective on the many levers of the human body.  Having built the fairly famous biohacking company "Onnit", Aubrey himself certainly has the experience to back it up and that shows through... mostly. His technical understanding sometimes feels a bit poor, though that may just be the nature of making a nice-to-read book as opposed to a technical guide. Simply, I'd take those aspects with a grain of quality salt and use them as a point to start your own research rather than soley relying on OTD, OYL as an authority. Finally, as far as the reading experience goes, you'll definitely be in for a treat. It's casual, often a bit of fun and laced with humour. Very easy reading that's for sure. 

Aspects of the book that are less than desirable mainly lie in the realm of spam marketing. Aubrey is a marketer by background and I'd say it really shows through here. The numerous plugs to Onnit and various other companies (that it feels like he has incentive to promote) does tend to get tiresome. Additionally, in an American marketing sort of sense, many of the benefits of such devices or other life practices are very sensationalised and perhaps exaggerated. At least in reflection to my personal experience and understanding. This is not to say they're valueless, for example Wim Hof breathing combined with Cold showering can really feel life changing... but I do advocate for an especially critical mind when it comes to digesting his recommendations. The video linked above can give you and idea of what I mean, personally it makes me feel like I'm being invited to join a cult.
To summarise in one line, glamourified and sales-y to a Tim Ferris degree. But hey, I appreciate the value he provides too.

All up, obviously I am going to say this is a great book well worth a read. It wouldn't be in the VitaKea store if it wasn't. There's A LOT of value to be gained here, and provides a real pleasurable reading experience as you learn. It's not perfect, and has sensational-like drawbacks that are common to the self help genre... but if you can handle that, you'll be in for a real treat!

Happy reading, I hope you learn a lot - and as always, any feedback or critical thoughts of your own would be warmly welcomed.

Your KeaLad, Thomas - VitaKea Caretaker 🌿