R.P.Brown MD, P.L.Gerbarg MD, with B. Graham

The Rhodiola Revolution

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The Herbal Breakthrough of the 21st Century

Previously classified studies from the former Soviet Union reveal the emergence of an herbal superstar, Rhodiola rosea. From two respected physicians comes an authoritative new book that explores the amazing powers of Rhodiola rosea.

Compelling scientific evidence about this commonly available herbal supplement confirms its ability to help:

  • Melt away extra pounds
  • Combat fatigue
  • Sharpen memory and concentration
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Strengthen immune function
  • Protect against heart disease and cancer

As more people turn to Rhodiola rosea to improve their health and vitality, they will look for a trustworthy, authoritative resource to answer all their questions. The Rhodiola Revolution is that resource, providing the latest news from the front lines of research as well as clear instructions on using the herb for maximum medicinal effect.

Paperback: 224 Pages

About the Authors

Dr. Richard P. Brown is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he obtained his medical degree 1977. He completed Psychiatry Residency and a fellowship in Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology at New York Hospital, Cornell University Medical College. The recipient of numerous awards, he has authored over 100 scientific articles, books, and book chapters on pharmacological treatments, clinical studies, and complementary and integrative treatments in psychiatry.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, New York Medical College, graduated from Brown University (1971), Harvard Medical School (1975), Beth Israel Psychiatry Residency program in Boston (1979), and the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (1992). Dr. Gerbarg has lectured and taught about a wide range of topics in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, women’s issues, trauma, neurobiology, natural treatments (herbs, nutrients ), and the integration of mind-body practices in psychotherapy for the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Meetings and many other conferences, academic centers, and community organizations. 

A Quick KeaLad Commentary on The Rhodiola Revolution

The Rhodiola Revolution is actually a book we got in on recommendation from one of the good folk in the VitaKea community... and after having read it, I couldn't be more pleased.

The Rhodiola Revolution provides really interesting insight into the many applications of Rhodiola Rosea for supplementation. Given both authors work in a psychologist practice, they provide a great number of anecdotal case reports from their very own patients. They also provide a balanced viewpoint as well as the necessary caution you might expect from experienced medical practitioners. 

Worth noting, the beginning few chapters can feel a little like the authors are promoting Rhodiola rosea as a cure all for all ailments.  I encourage to continue on with an open mind, as the book progresses the picture does become much more balanced befitting to my commentary above. Also worth noting is the dietary recommendations which have dated notably, as is to be expected given The Rhodiola Revolution was published in 2004.

Each chapter is broken down into numerous small sections that make for light bedtime reading, the tone casual and easy to read. For anyone looking to learn more about Rhodiola Rosea, I enthusiastically advocate for this book. Potential side effects may include full blown Rhodiola obsession...

Your KeaLad, Thomas - VitaKea Caretaker 🌿            

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